'Memoirs of an Alien'

Title Sequence for 'Memoirs of an Alien', Sci-Fi series / NON MX TV 2010

Memoirs of an Alien is a brand new series with the TV pilot now ready for viewing. www.nonmx.tv

Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, France 2010

What makes Memoirs of an Alien such a joy ride? Well you are hit from all angles with the witty dialogue, the great acting, the powerful plot. There is also something righteous about the series. It speaks of science of today that a lot of people don't know exists or think it to be science fiction. Well stop the press because all science in Memoirs of an Alien is already happening, We just haven't been paying attention to it because we are bombarded with so much information in our daily lives, much of this tatter. Memoirs of an Alien makes you listen and pay attention, even in some of its most hilarious scenes.