Taking London drinking water as an example, it's a short and critical reflection on ecological sustainability. Its aim is to raise the public awareness of natural resources and their possible exhaustion. (Distributed Hypnotic.inc., New York, USA, Shorts International)

*Gold Prix Leonardo, Italy *Lattice Awards London *Short-listed for the BAFTA

*Animadrid, Madrid , Spain, *5th Shorts International Film Festival New York, USA *3 weeks screening: On CBS Jumbotron billboard Time Square, New York (USA) *British Film Week in Singapore *51st Melbourne Film Festival, Australia *37th Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland *Sarasota Film Festival, California, USA *'Green Vision' Film Festival *St. Petersburg, Russia, Oekomedia Freiburg, Germany, *Part of the UNESCO declared year of Water: 6 months exhibition as an 'Art Installation' in Monte, Switzerland, *Zaragoza World EXHIBITION, Spain 2008
plus a special screening at Short&Sweet and taken on board to be represented at the Big Chill Festival and Co2penhagen Festival.