Robbie Williams - The 80ies

SYNOPSIS: Skiving is a reflective look at 'The 80's' through Robbie Williams's eyes, based on his track from the album Rudebox. We journey through his formative years in a decade where consumerism and the rave generation were born. It is a light-hearted look at the dragons that have to be slain, young love that is fumbled and lost and the demons that remain to be fought for the rest of our lives. Tom Eden takes on the role with aplomb and when the bombs are dropped on the Falklands in the final act we are left to count the casualties.

AWARD: SHORTLISTED FOR THE BRITISH ANIMATION AWARD 2008 Screened at 48 cinemas around the United Kingdom, plus a special screening at Short&Sweet, London

Cut down version (Original length 4min30sec)