Saturday, 10th November 2012

Official Music Video 'Angola' 


Wednesday, 10th October 2012

Commercial for new album release of Kekas Baxe for TV Angola 


Tuesday, 2nd October 2012

A Mulher - Official Music Video 

Friday, 17th February 2012

Salsa Cubana Presentation Portefolio

'Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a taste of Cuba, our fantasies takes us through a colorful journey of Cuban rhythmic dances.' (


Sunday, 11th December 2011

2011 out of commissioned series of Christmas cards created for 'Augencenter and Augencenter Thalwiesen' (Ophtalmology, Zurich, Switzerland)

Tuesday, 5th April 2011

'RITES OF SPING' Trailer Documentary, Postproduction by Madeleine Duba for Trevor Kelly, TK Productions / Ballet Soul, 2011


Friday, 18th March 2011

Series of sketches created for Mo's Comix Book 'A Life Story'


Saturday, 11th December 2010

2010 out of commissioned series of Christmas cards created for 'Augencenter' (Ophtalmology, Zurich, Switzerland)

Sunday, 28th November 2010

Madeleine creates a music video for Angolan Music Artist, aimed for Angolan Market (Cut Down Version)

The story plays around an Angolan guy who lives in Portugal. He feels demotivated and tired of the monotone life in Portugal; working on the building site, drinking beer, experiencing ice cold winters. And he feels homesick. He dreams about returning to the paradise of his home country Angola. Since the terrible war has ended and the situation in Angola becomes better, maybe his dream becomes reality... 

Tuesday, 20th July 2010

Directed and produced by Madeleine Duba, music video project 'Wapin' (shot in London/ Haiti) featuring O.S.O. 507 (Panama), filmed in London and Panama, length 4min, Copyright ©2010 Dubanimation/ Los Guerreros de la Musica.