Trailer - Cabaret Cuba (75min) Documentary

Trailer - Cabaret Cuba (90min) Documentary

Cuba is changing as the world knows. Stretching back to pre-Castro times of the millionaires city in the 1950’s, followed by the ‘Triumpho de la Revolucion’ up until today, this documentary focuses on choreographers, singers and dancers, some with over 60 years work experience in Cuban Dance, Cabaret and Carnival.

For the retired dancers, the show lights have switched off a long time ago, and their whole social artistic life content has been swept away. Some dancers had the luck and the talent to develop as great choreographers and artistic directors, others dream of returning back into the showbiz. Reviving theirs personal experiences as artists, Cuba’s best dancers and choreographers remembering their glamorous times within the Cuban dance world. It reflects their passion, dedication and love for the Cuban Music and Dance. And they reveal their opinion about the current situation of the Cabaret Cuba. Is the Cuban Cabaret disappearing together with the retired artists? How can this dance discipline be saved?